Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Following is the eligibility criteria for admission at Alfalah University.  

For admission in BBA, BS-Law and Political Sciences, BS-Journalism, BS-Engineering and BA (Hons) Sharia-Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies departments;

12th grade certificate attested from ministry of education with 55% minimum average marks.

Candidates who are graduated from grade 14th in Islamic studies/sharia or have equivalent 14th grade graduation documents can seek admission in 5th semester of Islamic studies department of faculty of Sharia.

Similarly; candidates who are 14th grade graduates from relevant institutions of professional learning/education, can seek admission in 3rd semester in faculties of economics, engineering, law and political sciences. The minimum average score required for seeking admission in 3rd or 5th semester is 70% except for the candidates who are graduated from religious schools/Madaris.

Participation in entry test is compulsory for all candidates seeking admission at Alfalah University. Candidates who had successfully passed the entry test for public universities, can get admission without participation in the entry test of Alfalah University provided the result is verified by Alfalah University and the information provided by the candidate is found true.

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