Any student who is failed (semester repeated) twice in the same semester will be expelled from the university.

Any student whose total average marks in a given semester is less than 60% shall be given oral warning to improve his/her performance. He/she shall be given written warning if the same happen again. If the performance of the student is not improved, he/she shall be expelled from the university.

Students may be suspended, expelled or rusticated based on the nature and severity of activities he/she is involved in. However; when found proven or observed by the invigilator(s), the paper of student may be cancelled and zero marks shall be allocated to him/her in the marks sheet of the receptive subject or course.

Penalties are decided by the primary discipline committee (at University level) for severe cases and by the secondary discipline committees (at faculty level) for minor cases. Actions are taken in the light of MoHE rules and regulations.

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