Research Publications

Research Publications

In addition to Alfalah Research Journal, the following research papers are published in externally peer-reviewed indexed journals:

  • Leadership Behaviors And Work Effectiveness: Investigating Private
    Health Sector Jalalabad, Afghanistan
  • Demand For And Supply Of Public Health Services In Eastern Region Of Afghanistan
  • The Effect Of Talent Management On Peshawar-Based Public And Private Banks’ Performance
  • Conceptual And Structural Differences Between Conventional Bonds And Sukuk
  • Economics And Finance In The Qur’an:
    “A Collection Of Qur’anic Verses On Economic And Financial Matters”
  • Assessing The Influence Of Selected Human Capital Management
    Factors On The Organizational Performance Of Higher
    Education Sector In Afghanistan
  • Impact Of Talent Management And Employees’ Retention On
    Organizational Performance: A Case Of Kabul-Based Public And
    Private Banks
  • Effect of compensation packages on job satisfaction and employees‟ retention: a case of Jalalabad-based private universities of
  • A systematic literature review on the role of nepotism in talent acquisition
  • Definition, types and ruling of the addition of thiqa; applied analysis of hadith
  • Overseeing mechanisms of the implementation of constitution: a comparative study
  • The influence of terrorism on human resource practices: a comparative study of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Published Books

Alfalah University encourages lecturers to provide quality authorship and translation services in the relevant field of studies. The following books are published since the establishment of University in 2011:

S.NBook NameAuthorPublication Year
1International relations (translation)Mirajuddin Aminzay2017
2Research and writing methodology (translation)Mirajuddin Aminzay2018
3Civil Engineering MaterialsKhalid Khan Bilal2014
4Commercial lawNoorullah Noori2015
5Political System in IslamZia Ur Rahman Farooq2015
6Introduction to Drainage SystemKhalid Khan Bilal2017
7Introduction to Constitutional LawAbdul Saboor Mubariz2015
8Labor RightsSayed Akram Hashimi2014
9Interpretation of Constitutional LawSayed Akram Hashimi2014
10Introduction to Human RightsSayed Akram Hashimi & Khoshal Jawad2014
11Public AdministrationHakimuddin Manzany2012
12Political rights of citizensSayed Akram Hashimi2015
13Interpretation and Analysis of Constitutional LawAbdul Saboor Mubariz2017
14The right of veto: equality or inequality?Hakimuddin Manzany2017
15Surveying and levelingSayed Ikram Hashimi2017
16Environmental LawAbdul Jalal Muqeem2018
17Administration and ManagementMuhammad Wali Nijat and Muhibullah Allah Yaar2018
18Administrative LawNasrullah Momand2018
19Political GlossaryHakimuddin Manzanay2018
20Political GeographyMuhibullah Allah Yaar2018
21Introduction to International OrganizationsAbdul Baseer Sabawoon2018
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